Monday, May 14, 2012

zimbabwe food web

Giant Reddit Crocodileone of the greatest carnivores in zimbabwe has to be the great crodile , this crocodile as you see weighs a ton and is about 50 feet wide YIIIIIKES !zimbabwes biome also has rhinos and snapping turtles to go along with ostritches.         
kingdom: animalia
phylum: chordata
subphylum: vertebrata
class: aves
superorder: paleognathe
order: struthioniformes
family: struthinidae
genus: struthio
species: S.camelus
an ostritch is a large flightless bird .the ostritches eat only plants ,and is the largest living species of a bird. the ostritch has amazing running speed and can run up to about 43 mph .this beautiful bird also lays the largest egg among the species of birds. the ostritch can way up to 140-290 lbs that is more than the average human .

Myrsine africana has glossy green foliage and attracts birds in the landscape.this is a form of a shrub . this is what the ostritches consume to get energy . this plant is a producer .on the food web this would be at the bottom ,it also provides the most energy because it goes through all the diiferent types of organisms .the scientific name for this shrub is "Myrsine africana".

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


water buffalo

  • a member of the cattle tribe, of swampy regions of S Asia, having widely spreading back-curving horns. Domesticated forms are used as draught animals Also called Asiatic buffalo Indian buffalo carabao
  • also in parts of zimbabwe they are called the cape buffalo
  • the height of one of these water buffalos is 5 to 6.2 feet standing up
  • the water buffalo spends most of its day in submerged in muddy water
  • this animal has been domesticated for about 5,000 years


  • this flower is known as the carion flower in english and aasblom in african
  • this flower belongs to the apocynaceae family
  • known globally as africas starfish flower
  • known for there foul smelling odor that it gives off
  • it attracts flies and the flies actually pollinate this flower

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

woahh dere

A Biome is a setting where an enviorment is located classified by the habitat around the area .For example,an aquatic biome is a community of organisms in the water .also , a dessert biome is located in a dry dessert climate.a forest biome is usually where there are trees and lots of them.a grassy biome is located on any plain or prairy. finnally, a tundra is located usually in a cold dry plain thats rocky.